The consultation meeting was conducted physically for 2 days at Rays Hotel Borama, Somaliland. The meeting brought together government officials, Private Sector, Academia and Civil Society bodies, Borama municipal council officer, as well as experts in the nutrition field.

The main purpose of the meeting was to establish decentralization in the regions and local governments for SL-Scaling up nutrition program at Borama, to identify issues of concern, gaps, and needs to address food security and nutrition in Borama District, and also to encourage the contribution of Borama municipal council in support of national policies and plans for nutrition sensitive sectors with emphasis on agriculture and food security sectors.

The tone of the meeting was set during the opening remarks by Zakaria Dahir, SUN Champion Office by emphasizing the need for national and Subnational level for nutrition to tackle malnutrition havocs in Somaliland.

The meeting was facilitated using participatory approaches; statements by invited guests, presentations, discussions, brainstorming and questioning sessions.

The initial sessions served as an excellent base for further discussions that took place during the second day of the meeting. The second part of the meeting was devoted to pave the way for setting priority actions and the way forward for Scaling-Up Nutrition in Somaliland for 2022 and beyond.

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