SLSUN secretariat, in partnership with the University of Hargeisa, organized First nutrition symposium for nutrition and food science students in university of Hargeisa .

The main objectives of this programs was

  • to improve Community knowledge of nutrition issues, in particular around the child and maternal nutrition.
  • Enhances and enriches knowledge and corrects faulty concepts about nutrition on communities.
  • Advocating the importance of good nutrition and its benefits.
  • Reaching out and empowering Students to prevent causes of
  • undernutrition, like diarrhea, malaria, poor infant feeding practices and poor hygiene practices.
  • Advocating correct health and nutrition behaviors, such as promotion of breastfeeding, hand washing practices, use of toilets and consumption of safe drinking water
  • Influencing Students to dispel myths, taboos related
  • to nutrition and changing behaviors by adopting positive practic

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